I own a very small counseling practice and Jennifer and her staff treat me as if I am one of their biggest clients. They ensure that my claims are paid, regardless of the amount. They spend the time required to fight with insurance companies, and they communicate with me regularly. It is quite clear that they work as diligently for me as they do for large medical practices.  I am so appreciative of their hard work and have greatly benefited financially since using their billing services.
Christine Shaheen LPCC
Compassionate Counseling

  "We have been using DayStar Billing Services since 2003 and greatly appreciate their meticulous and proficient services. As our practice has grown, they have stayed ahead of the growth and have even contributed to it. We look forward to many years of success with them."

  Columbus Podiatry and Surgery, Inc.
Animesh Bhatia, D.P.M
Columbus, Ohio


  "DayStar really helped turn around the receivables problem we were having at the practice. Finding a good in house office billing/insurance group is very rare. In addition, when you do the expense and capability issues within the office structure makes outsourcing a very viable option."

  Phil Canady, EA
RMI Research Management, Inc
Business Management Consultant

  "Jennifer and her team at DayStar Billing Services have truly been a benefit to our practice.  I have been with Jennifer since opening my practice in 2006.  She made my transition into private practice appear seamless.  She handled all of my insurance and hospital credentialing and currently handles all of our billing and credentialing services.  I have been extremely happy with the services Jennifer and her staff provide.  Jennifer provides monthly financial reports and constant updates on the ever changing insurance policies.  I particularly appreciate that Jennifer takes the time to meet with me at my office weekly to discuss my billing and collection needs."


Robert Vancourt, DPM
Advanced Ankle & Foot Center
Powell, OH

  "Jennifer Jones of DayStar Billing is very professional and extremely efficient. She is a caring individual when talking with my patients, staff and myself. I had tried several billing companies prior to using DayStar and there is no comparison between the other companies and DayStar Billing Services. Jennifer's knowledge of billing procedures for the insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid and private pay patients brought us from the brink of disaster, financially, to a profitable Podiatry practice."

  Jean Eisenman
Office Manager
Michael J. Eisenman, D.P.M.

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